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A home away from home!

Living with a local family is as close as you can be to tasting the local flavours of culture and getting the real insight into the lives of the locals.

Getting up in the morning to new sounds and fragrances, immersing yourself into the daily lives of your host and enjoying the authentic home-cooked meals, it is an adventure in itself.

As it is nowadays more and more difficult to find the non-touristic places and be able to really taste the local culture of a place, sleeping at a local family’s home provides you the chance to get an in depth experience of the local culture. Experience the warmth and uniqueness of a family’s own house.

Come discover a country in a new way that defies definitions and stereotypes. You surely will leave feeling like one of them!

Humjoli Homes

These are select local homes that are adopted, renovated and managed by us across India. At these homes, you get to stay in traditional homes, some of which are over 100 years old, enjoying the local hospitality, food and culture.

Truly Local. Our host, Gopi was so much fun. He lost his job at a travel company due to the lockdown and now he has returned back and started his own homestay. His entire family is now involved and are doing everything possible to make our stay comfortable. Go4Local’s Humjoli Homes Project is indeed an eye-opener for all those who are looking to experience local culture and stays.  

“Super Awesome Experience...”

Rohit Agarwal

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